Montpelier Gun Club
Berlin, Vermont


For the last 25 years the club has worked closely with the State of Vermont to address pollution

concerns relating to the lead shot discharged from the shooting range. Over the years the club

has undertaken several projects to improve the effectiveness of the buffer between our property

and adjacent land and waterways.

In 2011, working with the State of Vermont and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,

the Montpelier Gun Club erected a state-of-the-art lead shot containment system at the facility.

The $200,000 structure, along with extensive tree planting on the grounds, forms an effective

barrier which keeps the shot fired from the range contained on the club property.  In 2011,

a lead reclamation firm completed a site-wide contract to collect shot from the grounds.

With the containment system in place, further reclamation can be undertaken in an effective

and efficient manner.

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